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Top Of The Rock is located on a mountain top, in near wilderness, in N. Central Arkansas. It has been at this location for over 20 years, rescuing native and non-native wildlife. The non-native wildlife has included many different species of animals, but primarily large felines. Most of these animals are ones that have been obtained as "pets" by people who were intrigued by these beautiful creatures. Later, finding the difficulties in keeping big cats and other types of wild animals, they sought to find homes for them. The sanctuary has taken in numerous animals under these circumstances.

Top Of The Rock's remote location ensures that the animals here are not subjected to a lot of traffic noise, with clean air to breathe and pure mountain artesian spring water to drink. The animals fall asleep at night hearing only the sounds of deep forest.

There are also two tigers that were under government confiscation, and placed at the sanctuary under Arkansas State Court Order. They remain at the sanctuary to this day, in good health and well loved. The details of this rescue (including film footage of Top Of The Rock) can be seen on National Geographic Explorer's episode entitled "Big Cats In Crisis".

NOTE: Two more tigers arrived at Top Of The Rock on September 13, 2011, brought to the sanctuary per a Texas State Court Order, from a sanctuary that went bankrupt in San Antonio. Videos and photos of these two tigers can be viewed on our photopage.

Top Of The Rock has also had numerous orphaned/injured native wildlife brought here in the past, for the purpose of raising and/or rehabilitation, and return to the wild. Due to more recent licensing and permit requirements enacted, and the loss of our excellent wildlife vet (RIP Dr Amy) Top Of The Rock no longer engages in native wildlife rescue and rehab. Those permits may be pursued in the future, to engage in those type rescues once again.

Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary is the physical sanctuary of National Wildlife Humane Society, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The sanctuary meets the definition of "true sanctuary" under the US Federal Lacey Act, and the recent Arkansas State Law, as No Buy, No Sell, No Breeding, and No Exhibition - Humane Society. The sanctuary exists strictly for the animals, and provides for No entertainment, No commercial endeavors, Nor any profits for any humans.

National Wildlife Humane Society/Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary is an Arkansas registered non-profit humane society. NWHS/Top Of The Rock is active in maintaining the goals of proper animal welfare and advocacy for all wildlife, both captive and in the wild.

Also a part of the NWHS entity is Cougar Hill Web, an online information and educational resource on wildlife (particularly wild felids). Please explore NWHS and Cougar Hill Web from the links in the Menu (blue bar) to the left of this page.

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Our Mission Statement:

  • Rescuing wild, exotic and endangered animals that have no place to go or animals people obtained as pets (primarily big cats).
  • Finding suitable places for them, if other sanctuaries with space are available.
  • If places are not available, then Top Of The Rock endeavors to make room for them at our sanctuary. We supply a lifetime home with large comfortable habitats, and proper care.
  • Top Of The Rock networks with other sanctuaries, to be prepared to find places for unwanted animals.
  • Through the internet - information, education, and philosophies of true sanctuary are conveyed.
  • Of extreme importance, outreach in the importance of life, all life, and our very precious Mother Earth.

    Big cats at Top Of The Rock have large sturdy enclosures surrounded by 10 and 12 foot perimeter fencing, exceeding all government standards. There is a 10,000 square foot turn-out area as part of the perimeter system to allow the amimals to run and play, while cleanup and other chores are being conducted on their houses and enclosures. There is even a very large stock tank kept full of fresh clean water, for them to get in and play. Tigers love water!

    Use the Menu to the left to navigate through the site, and also explore links to other related web sites. Explore photographs of the sanctuary, support pages, future plans, and even a page of kind folks we like to call "Heroes Of The Rock". Enjoy your visit to this website, and pass a link on to friends whom you think may also enjoy it.

    One of our recent rescues, Obi Tiger.

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